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Wiring Kids For Success in Life
Married for 44 years and parents of ten kids, Garth and Sandi experienced nearly every facet of parenting and marriage. Read how they learned to work through challenges. A memoir/How-to book on parenting and marriage you'll truly enjoy.

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It is our high desire to be an influence for good to help our clients find their purpose in life and to guide them to establish goals and action steps to fulfill their purpose.
Our ultimate goal is to help them establish the necessary personal and family habits required to build their family legacy.




"I love mentoring adults because I know it will get to the kids."

Marriage and parenting has been daunting to many of all eras. Today's challenges in these most important areas are facing ever greater threats and trials. With years of experience in marriage and parenting, Garth can provide direction, hope and encouragement, all for the intent of creating a more enjoyable life, happier marriage and a legacy of family.

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Discover for yourself the benefits of Wiring Kids for Success. Garth's lectures invariably cover new ground for participants, and they leave ready to abandon existing unproductive habits for more effective thinking and practices in parenting and marriage.

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"Garth's coaching style helps bring out the best in people; he has been a great help to me.  I was so excited when I heard that Garth and Sandi were putting their child rearing techniques into a book. I watched first hand as they raised their ten (yes, ten) children into responsible, successful, loving adults who are now parents themselves. What is so different about them is that they actually planned and strategized how they would instill the values and work ethic that was necessary for each child to become the best person he or she could be, empowering them to choose their own 'roads to success'. We live in a world where the majority of children are not 'raised' they just grow up. Because of this so many children grow up without any sense of who they are or what they are capable of accomplishing. Parents, especially young parents will benefit from the Smith's tried and true principles for raising and training children from a very young age to adults."